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A garage door opener is a complex mechanism that helps the door to open and close automatically or during the pushing of the remote key. To experience a hassle-free garage door opening, installing premium quality belt drive openers or chain drive openers are strongly recommended. Connect with Garage Door On as we take pride in our history of offering our customers the 100% garage opener installation In Austin, Texas and repair jobs at cost-effective rates.

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You may not want a cranky, noisy, and jammed door opener as it will waste your precious time immensely when you’re in a hurry to leave for work or need to get back home after a hard day at work. Besides, we bring the garage door opener and installation Austin, Texas champions would advise you to always keep your garage door in excellent shape as you keep your precious cars and belongings in the garage. It is also the doorway to your house so the door has to be strong enough to restrain any petty burglary, theft or trespassing.


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Garage Door On is a 100% dedicated and client-oriented company ready to reach you out 24/7. If you’re searching the search engines typing the best garage door opener installation near me Austin, Texas then you’ll find us.

We’re just a call away to resolve all your garage door related issue. Our generations of expertise in the business have helped us know and work on installing and repairing innumerable technologically advanced garage door openers.

Enjoy the most effective and cost-effective garage door opener installation service in Austin, Texas only with us.

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Increased Security Features

Older garage door openers required the addition of alarm systems. Newer systems offer better security since they have monitoring capabilities and can be set to allow only those people that have a certain code. Some high-tech units work with fingerprint technology and you can install it with us, offering the No-1 local garage door installation Austin, Texas.

Object Detection/ Auto-Reverse

It is frustrating to think you are clear of the garage door to find that it comes right down on the hood or trunk area of your vehicle. It can leave dents and scratches that make your car look bad. Newer garage door openers can detect when an object is in the way and will stop, or reverse direction automatically.


Personalized service

Garage Door on the installers of the best garage door openers Austin, Texas offers personalized services.

Keyless Entry Capability

It is a hassle to walk through the house to get a set of keys or the garage door opener to retrieve a rake or hose for lawn care. New garage door opener systems offer keypads that can be installed by the garage door and allow instant keyless access.

Extra Battery Power

If a storm rolls through and knocks out the electrical power an older garage door opener is shut down. You will have to manually open and close it until power is restored. New garage door openers offer backup battery power.
Personalized Service

Let’s do this! We’ll schedule the installation with your exact specifications for colors, windows, and materials.