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What To Do When Your Garage Door Is Off Track: Step-By-Step Guide

If your garage door is out of alignment, it won’t work until you have it fixed. A faulty garage door repair near me can lock your automobile inside and expose your house to the weather, which is annoying. The good news is that a specialist can swiftly correct the problem, and there are steps you can do to avoid it happening again. Armadillo Auto Glass shows you how to inspect your garage door rollers quickly and safely, as well as how to do routine maintenance to help maintain them in operating order.

A Garage Door Going Off-Track Is Caused By What?

Understanding the cause of your garage door’s off-track problem will assist you avoid having it happen again. Most garage doors have between 10 and 12 rollers, and if any of them break loose, you may easily see them by just inspecting the door visually. Enter your garage and examine the tracks that are installed on either side of the door while taking care to keep yourself safe. Garage rollers frequently come off the rails for the following reasons:-

  • Bent or broken rails can cause rollers to become misaligned.
  • Tracks that are loose: The vibration of your door may cause the bolts holding the tracks in place to become free.
  • Force and impacts: If your automobile rams into your garage door, it might knock the rollers off their tracks.
  • Lack of lubrication and filth: Lack of lubrication and accumulated dirt and grime can cause rollers to veer off course.

How To Correct It:-

A derailed garage door may be repaired quite easily. You may now start working on getting the rollers back on track after troubleshooting the tracks to identify the issue.

  • Pulling the above cord to disengage the opener will release the door from the automated opener. You will now be able to manually open the door.
  • Partially open the door so that one of the free-floating rollers is aligned with the problematic area on the track.
  • To hold the door open while you operate, affix vise grips to the tracks underneath.
  • To make the gap broad enough to slip the roller back in, use pliers to pry open one side of the track.
  • Slide each of the rollers that have left the track back in by repeating the process.
  • You may seal the track aperture after all of the rollers are placed back within it. Placing a tiny piece of wood within the opening track to support the track’s form is an easy technique to accomplish this. Hammer the crooked track back into the right position on the wood until the remainder of the track is properly aligned. Your garage door should now work correctly once you remove the wood and vise-grips.
  • Test the rollers’ smoothness by manually opening and closing the door a few times. Repeat the preceding methods until the entire track is in good alignment if you encounter any more leaping or misalignment issues.
  • The automated garage door opener must be reattached. Your door ought to look brand new.

Activate the garage door:-

Handily open the door. Snap-locking pliers should be placed underneath the door on one of the tracks once you have determined where the door’s wheels are leaping off the track.

Check the tracks for the garage door:-

This step is often skipped in how-to guides, but it’s very crucial. You want to be sure that the garage door track itself is not to fault even though your roller got off the track. Make sure the garage door track is not coming free from the wall. One typical reason for a garage door to not work properly is the rails disconnecting from the garage walls. If the track is loose, locate an appropriate-sized wrench or ratchet handle and tighten the loose bolts to the wall.

Reinstall the roller by popping it:-

It’s time to place the roller back in the track if it has come out after you’ve examined the garage door tracks and corrected any problems there. Open the track precisely where the roller has leapt out of it with a pair of pliers. Close the track’s opening by reinstalling the rollers inside the track.

To ensure proper opening and closing, check:-

Manually check garage doors to determine whether they’re operating smoothly and if the door is opening correctly once all rollers have been replaced. Try opening and closing the door manually a few times before reconnecting your opener motor.


Your garage door’s rollers make it possible for the door to open and close quietly. A garage door opener must have all of its moving components lined up correctly for it to operate effectively. Stop using the door right away until it can be fixed if you see that the rollers have jumped the track. When the rollers are out of alignment, using the door can seriously harm the tracks or perhaps the door itself. You will need to hire a professional like Garage door On services to realign the entire structure or replace the bent door panels if this occurs.